Financial Advisor Rodney L. Jones Talks About the Preconceptions People Have About Financial Advisors

Rodney L. Jones, Owner of RL Jones Financial Group and RL Jones Insurance Group, recently posted a blog to his website using the analogy of a golf caddie to explain the role of an effective financial advisor.

Westfield, IN – June 18, 2019 – Rodney Jones, Financial Advisor, host of the RL Jones Show and Best-Selling Author® of Beat the Curve with Brian Tracy posted a new article on his website entitled, “The Golf Caddie Analogy” in which Mr. Jones uses a golf caddie as a metaphor for the relationship between clients and financial advisors.

Rodney begins by stating, “For a touring pro, there is a very unique relationship between them and their caddie. Not only does the caddie carry the players bag, but they also carry with them a wealth of wisdom about the course, the weather conditions, the player, the field, and the game in general.” Continues Mr. Jones, “A good caddie provides a reliable sounding board for the decisions ahead, and is often the voice of reason in difficult situations.”

Rodney goes on to explain, “Financially speaking, trying to “carry your own bag” by making your own investments and financial decisions might not be the best idea either. The financial advisor, like the caddie, can lend a special knowledge of the course, the dangers, layup positions, club selection, and the sucker-pin placements. It’s handy information to have when trying to decide whether to go for it or hold back, especially when everything is on the line.”

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About Rodney Jones:

Rodney Jones helps his clients to see and achieve their financial goals. He was brought up in a blue collar manufacturing culture where the norm was to graduate from high school and work at the foundry like past generations, but Rodney had greater ambitions. Rodney attended Southern Illinois University and Butler University. In 1990, Rodney earned his designation of Life Underwriter’s Training Council and began educating clients and professionals on insurance and finances.

Rodney owns two business entities, RL Jones Insurance Group and RL Jones Financial Group. Both of his successful businesses are centered on the philosophy: “If you have the desire to protect and grow your assets, then I have the desire to show you how.”

Rodney has helped several hundred clients to protect their assets and reach their financial goals. Rodney’s clientele spans from small business owners to laborers and their families.

Rodney is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer. He was selected as one of America’s Premier Experts® and has been on several media outlets including highlighted appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates.

Rodney is a member of the The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors having co-authored the best-selling Beat the Curve with business legend Brian Tracy.

He has also been selected to participate on several Advisory Boards of Fortune 500 companies. Rodney balances his time between his clients and educating professionals in his field.

You can connect with Rodney via email, or via phone, 317- 626-4902 or 1-800-388-8342 Ext.302.

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