circle of wealth

Your Circle of Wealth

I want to talk to you about your circle of wealth. We all have a circle of wealth, and what do we want to happen to our circle of wealth? We want it to grow! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind’s eye to make your circle of wealth grow? Some people say, […]

earning potential

What Is Your Earning Potential

Your Greatest Asset is Your Ability to Earn Money. The biggest asset that one has is their earning potential over their lifetime. What I have found is that, especially with the young people right out of college, they get these great degrees from these schools and the jobs out there, the job sector in our […]


Answering Your Biggest Concerns About Medicare

I’d like to talk to you about when to sign up for Medicare and if you need to sign up for Medicare. That’s the questions that I get asked the most when it comes to people getting around the age of 64. You are actually eligible for Medicare the first day of the month that […]

losing money

How to Avoid Losing Money

Have You Ever Lost Money? Well, I have and I don’t like losing money. Over the past 27 years, I’ve helped my clients avoid losing money. There’s usually about five areas where people lose money unknowingly and unnecessarily. How you pay for your mortgage. You have a 30 year mortgage, you have a 15 year […]


Do You Have Enough Money to Retire?

When it comes to retirement, what I have found is most people don’t know what they really should be doing in order to have the same lifestyle when they retire as what they do now. How Much Money Do you Need? A good place to start is by asking, “How much money do I need […]


Are You Actually in Control of Your Money?

Let’s talk about putting yourself in control of your money. We all have to deal with financial institutions. And all financial institutions have rules. Do they teach you the rules? No. We have to learn as we play, and unfortunately we can lose thousands and thousands of dollars by learning the rules as we go […]


Trains, Tickets, and Taxes: All Aboard!

Imagine that there are four people in line to purchase tickets at the train station. One after the other, they each purchase one ticket of the same class, on the same train, bound for the same destination. As they board, they take their seats next to each other and after exchanging pleasantries they begin to […]


Mortgages: Spoiled for Choice

It is likely that during your lifetime you will allocate more dollars to the place you are going to sleep than anything else. As such, the potential to transfer your wealth away unknowingly and unnecessarily as a result of decisions made surrounding your mortgage is just as high. There is a great deal of misinformation […]

financial advisor

The Golf Caddie Analogy

Throughout the years, I’ve found that people tend to have a wide range of expectations that come to mind when they hear the term “Financial Advisor.” And it’s no wonder that sometimes even the advisors themselves have differing opinions on the term, and certainly different approaches to serving their clients. I’d like to outline what […]